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My name is Olga, I am the owner and florist of Dragonfly Floristic. I started working with flowers professionally in 2017 after I realized that I want to devote my whole life to this art.
After finishing various courses in several schools of floristics in Europe I was going to participate in florists’ competitions and shows, however, as it usually happens, life changed dramatically at once. I live in California now, but still have my greatest passion blooming inside.
When studying flower art back in Europe, I learned to create unique designer compositions using unusual natural and construction materials. Basically, my career as a floral artist started from understanding that floristics is not only about flowers, but also about bark, branches, pine cones, moss, glue, boards, and nails.
My goal is to create wonderful, breathtaking flower compositions, floral objects, and pieces of home decoration that would not be limited by stereotypes of floristic art.
I want to speak your feelings through my flowers, using colors and shapes, as well as unique details that would suit the tastes of the person you’d like to send an arrangement.
You can find examples of my work and inspiration on this website, and contact me to discuss all the unique ideas you may have, the delivery details, and a card message. You can also order one of the flower arrangements published on the website. I will do my best to make yours look the same as in the picture.

Flowers designed with your thoughts in mind.
Dragonfly Floristic

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