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Flowers are able to let us live experiences with all our senses.

Just look at this breathtaking green and yellow arrangement.

Lemons. “When life gives you lemons, make a lemonade”. What a strong meaning this yellow fruit has, it reminds us to never give up but to use the disappointing daily experiences as an opportunity to rise.

Now close your eyes, and smell this curated arrangement. If you focus deeply you can almost hear some far waves sound of Capri’s sea.

Do you always want to experience this every time you decide so?

That’s why we created this luxurious summer arrangement, that wants to recall the message to never give up and never stop traveling with our imagination.

We want just the best for our clients, and to guarantee you the freshest flowers is our main goal and rule. For this reason the flower set may vary depending on availability. It’s also important to us to surprise you with the most precious pieces, so the style of the container can be different than the one in the picture.

Summer lemonade flower arrangement

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