As many of you probably know, pastel colors are this year’s trend: they’re everywhere, from clothes to furniture items.

For this reason, we wanted to create something highly stylistic for every trend follower.

This is what you waited for: a pastel palette arrangement in a long shape container. It’s not just a precious gift, but also a luxurious furniture for your house: it will leave your guests speechless.

We want just the best for our clients, and to guarantee you the freshest flowers is our main goal and rule. For this reason the flower set may vary depending on availability. In fact we want to use the best seasonal flowers, so depending from the month you desire the arrangement the flowers are gonna vary, maintaining however similar shape and value. It’s also important to us to surprise you with the most precious pieces, so the style of the container can be different than the one in the picture.

Pastel Palette flower arrangement