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Neutral peach colored flower bouquet arrives in a water bag.

Let us know what recepient likes and we will add small detailes to the bouquet.

Bouquet comes in a water bag and wrapping.

Please add vase to your cart if needed.

Hand-tied in peach

  • Carefully release flowers from the water bag above the sink.  Remove all the packaging and fill a vase with clear cold water. Add flower food and stir until completely dissolved. Cut the bottoms of all the stems at a 45-degree angle and put the bouquet in the vase with water and flower food.  The flowers can stay in this water for 3-4 days. After that, the water has to be changed to fresh with flower food added.

    For Dragonfly Floristic's hand-tied bouquet, the vase with wide bottom or wide cylinder vase is the best.  Do not squeeze the bottom of the bouquet, it will affect the shape of the bouquet in a bad way.

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