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With the subscription for the Grand size hand-tied bouquet you will get an opportunity to have fresh seasonal flowers to drop them to your vase.  The set of flowers is te subject of the designer's choice.

The bouquet comes in a wrapping and a water bag.

After flowers arrive, carefully release them from the water bag, add flower food to the vase with clear water, cut the stems,  and put flowers into the vase.

Changing water and cutting the stems on everyday basis makes the flowers to stay longer.


*The Picture is an illustration of what a bouquet might look like. Your bouquet will have a different look each time.

Grand size Wrapped bouquet

Price Options
We will deliver a fresh flowers once a week
$149.00every week until canceled
We will deliver a fresh flowers once a month
$149.00every month until canceled
We will deliver fresh seasonal flowers every other week
$149.00every 2 weeks until canceled
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